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Why book travel insurance with us?

  • Pay 20% less than you would purchasing directly from an insurance company.
  • We sell CoverMore Travel Insurance products.  CoverMore administers more travel insurance sales, medical assessments and claims than any other provider in Australia.
  • We offer a range of products including travel insurance for seniors and frequent travellers.
  • CoverMore products cover your all important golf equipment.

Is travel insurance necessary?

  • The short answer is yes.  Although not compulsory, it is absolutely essential.  For the sake of a couple of hundred dollars you can enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that theft, loss of luggage, medical emergencies and many other scenarios will be covered  by insurance, should they arise.
  • If taken out at the time of booking, travel insurance may allow you to claim a refund, should you be unable to travel due to circumstances out of your control.

Speak to us today about organising CoverMore travel insurance for your trip 08 8376 4495 or via email.